Karim Massimov’s detention ended today, on May 6, 2022. Karim Massimov, former chairman of the National Security Committee, was imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center on the night of January 5-6, 2022, although it was publicly announced on January 8.

Massimov is held in the pre-trial detention center of the National Security Council, like any other detainee. According to official information, he has not complained about the conditions of detention, although an independent lawyer was never presented to him during these 4 months of imprisonment.

There is still no information on how the investigation is conducted. The authorities explain this by the fact that Massimov’s case is classified as a state secret.

Information about Karim Massimov’s state of health appeared in the press – he is seriously ill, he has been diagnosed with severe coronary heart disease, which progressed after covid.

Is Massimov’s detention extended? So far, there are no official statements on the part of the investigative authorities about this, nor is there any reaction to the deterioration of his health.